A place of peacefulness, and relaxation? Not only a source of healthy food, real flavor and fresh vegetables, but also a little escape into nature? Probably a little from each of these.

But how can we manage to connect a dynamic lifestyle, with self-actualization? How do we balance responsibility in our jobs, time for family and friends, and our inherent need for more sustainability?

Harvey enables us to do all of this. He is an island of tranquility and a self sustaining pantry all at once. Harvey is your personal gardener, and moreover, an expression of your distinct taste and stylistic sensitivity - integrated in your kitchen or living room with a simple and elegant design. No crop is fresher than those you have harvested yourself. Harvey provides you with fresh and nutritious food, grown locally and ecologically. Harvey takes care of your plants, and knows what is best for them. To optimize their growth he regulates watering and lighting automatically, and can keep you updated.

Read on to find out how Harvey can decrease the time you spend on garden work, and how he provides you with fresh and healthy food. Get to know him and let him bring natural living, and connectedness into your future-home.