We are the Team: Five graduates of the Technical University of Darmstadt. Originally Harvey was the product of a team-project at university. Harvey was motivated by our common urge to apply our technical capabilities, and create something sustainable with real value for our customers. As industrial engineers we wanted to create something that benefits us and our community.

We ourselves have experienced dying plants from the supermarket too many times. We started searching for a solution. Many discussions followed, first concepts were developed and evaluated, until finally, he was here – but without a name yet. The name needed to fit into a world with an increasing demand for organic and sustainably grown food, and to equally represent his ability to make your home smart: Harvey was born!

Harvey is the gardener of the future. He not only provides us with fresh herbs and vegetables, but also became a member of our Team!

Marius Haefele

„To work on a product that requires us to bring together so many different disciplines and expertise excites and motivates me every day."

Kai Suchanek

„Applying technology to make daily life easier is a good start, but what really gets me going is helping others with my work and ideas."

Fabian Jacobfeuerborn

„The rewarding part of my work is communicating the values and advantages of Harvey as simply and clearly as possible."

Florian Staubach

„Translating our customers needs into "zeroes" and "ones" for the digital platform steals my sleep often, but motivates me to keep going and make improvements."

Sven Siebeneicher

„Sustainable growth is important to me, not only in the context of growing plants, but for all aspects of our company - the business model, the product variety, our customers and colleagues."